Welcome to the Tea Tree House!

I’ve been looking to be more “green”, more natural, etc. In my search, I found out about essential oils and how they’ve been used since before Biblical times for health and healing. They’ve got thousands of uses. Everything from bug bites and allergies to pain relief and combating depression and anxiety. Using oils could potentially lead to better health and healing without using drugs for everything. That sounded exactly like what I was looking for! So, welcome to the Tea Tree House!


Come on in! Let’s sit and chat about Young Living essential oils and our journeys toward a more natural and healthy lifestyle.
I went to an intro class that a friend of a friend did about oils, specifically Young Living oils. After a month or two I decided I wanted to become a wholesale member (24% off and no monthly sales quota). Basically, you can sell if you want to or just buy for yourself. I liked that. I have the oils in the picture below and am slowly buying more.

everyday oils

I plan on sharing my oily journey with you and I hope you’ll come along! Watch for some posts here and join me on Facebook at The Tea Tree House!



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