Sweatpants? Check! Hair? I’ve Got You Covered!

Your alarm goes off. It’s Monday. Again. Maybe you hit snooze. Maybe you hit snooze for the third time. I don’t know. Or maybe you’re one of those weird people that is just a morning person. If you are, I don’t think we can be friends. I mean, seriously, rise and shine? How about rise and find some coffee?


I digress…

Because you are my friends, I wanted to share with you a tried and true method to easy, functional hair. It’s great because you can pretty much do the same steps whether it’s wet or dry.


Okay, Step 1.

Have hair.

have hair


Step 2.

Brush your hair.

brush hair

Or don’t. Totally up to you and how much coffee you’ve had at this point.



Step 3.

With your hands pull back your hair.

pony tail


Step 4.

Twist it up and around and around like a bored cheerleader in math class.



Step 5.

Grab a hair tie, rubber band, twistie tie, whatever you can find and wrap it around your hair.

tie me up


Step 6.


023 026



And there you have it folks.


The everyday of the week Monday “Crappy Bun.”



What’s your go to coffee hairstyle?


3 thoughts on “Sweatpants? Check! Hair? I’ve Got You Covered!

  1. Hmmm….I like mornings but don’t really like waking up early. What does that mean? Can we still be friends? ๐Ÿ˜›

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