Five Ways To Know If You’re A Perfectionish

Are you a Perfectionish? I am.


Here are five ways to know if you’re a perfectionish, too:

  1. You want everything to be perfect but feel like you can’t get your act together.
  2. Your house is a mess but you’ve got a great Pinterest board on organizing or cleaning.
  3. You both love and hate the saying “excuse the mess, the children are making memories”.
  4. You have a list of projects you want to finish but haven’t because you want it to be just right.
  5. You think that something isn’t worth doing unless it’s done well, but sometimes, good enough is all you can do.

If you said yes to any of these, congrats! You’re a perfectionist…kind of. You’re a perfectionish!

What ways are you a perfectionish?


3 thoughts on “Five Ways To Know If You’re A Perfectionish

  1. This morning when I was reading my devo, I was challenged by the question, “Can you do something really good? Can you be satisfied with really good, or must it be great?” I hope that all of us can be kay with really good!

    • Oooo, that’s a great question. My gut says, “NO! It must be great!” I wonder how many times I’ve missed out on something that was really good because it wasn’t “great”?

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